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Regain all access to your crypto wallet and scam bitcoin

You've lost access to your crypto wallet or being scammed ? Then you've come to the right place. We can help you recover your scam crypto - quickly, easily and on a pure success basis. You don't pay anything until you have access to your wallet again.

why Choose us

Online Crypto Recovery System

We had the same problem as you. After countless all-nighters and a lot of lost nerves,
we were finally able to recover our wallets. Since then, we can offer our experience,
know-how and toolkit to help you recover your wallets or scam cryptocurrency.


Based on our own experience and from work with our clients, we have developed our own toolkit that enables us to recover crypto wallets in a few steps.


We know how much trust it takes to send a stranger on the internet details about your crypto wallet. Therefore, we use a legal contract based on USA law, which protects you comprehensively.


Starting with the wallets of our friends and people we know, we have since helped numerous clients recover their wallets.

Security and access to your money

When we accept your case, you have full control over your money from your dashboard as we work on your wallet or case.

How we can help you


  • We can now offer our experience, know-how and toolkit to help in similar situations, but we don't want to promise too much and we won't always be able to succeed. But we will do our best. Just fill out our questionnaire, call or write us and let us know what your situation is and what you need help with. We can then usually estimate very quickly if we can help you.
  • Recover Wallet Password
  • Recover Wrong Transfer
  • Recover Updated Wallet
  • Recover Deleted Wallet
  • Contingency: 70%
  • Business Development: 10%
  • Investor: 30%
  • Poland: 8%
  • Legal & Regulation: 10%
  • Czech Republic: 15%

FILE A COMPLAIN BEFORE CREATING AN ACCOUNT. Are you looking for an experienced Cryptocurrency recovery expert? Look no further! We are experts in recovering missing and stolen crypto assets. We understand how much of an emotional and financial hit a lost crypto asset can be, which is why we work hard to help you recover it as soon as possible. Our highly experienced team are capable of tracking down the source of your cryptocurrencies, providing invaluable guidance and advice, and even recovering stolen funds.


FILE A COMPLAIN BEFORE CREATING AN ACCOUNT We’ll do our best to make sure that you get your crypto back and you’ll receive a guarantee that we’ll refund you if it doesn’t lead to a successful recovery. We also have strong connections in the crypto community to help you track down leads, find new options, and work fast and efficiently. Your recovery process will be tailored to your individual needs, with our specialists always being contactable and providing absolute discretion and trustworthy advice. Our experience and knowledge in the crypto

OUr Roadmap

Online Crypto Recovery System Strategy
and Project Plan

Mid of Q1 2021


EVM support for parthians SubQuery Academy Proof of indexing
Mid of Q2 2021


SubQuery Builders/Grants Program SQT Network contract internal MVP Coordinator and client SDK
Mid of Q3 2021

App beta test

Public testnet launch SubQuery Network Explorer and dApp Point-in-time indexing
Mid of Q4 2021

Token Test

SQT token generation event Public incentivize testnet launch Data traffic insights and reporting
Mid of Q5 2022

Alpha test

Launch of the SubQuery Foundation Finalise research for other Layer-1 chains Liquidity mining program
Mid of Q6 2022


Mainnet launch Centralized exchange launch Public incentivize testnet
Mid of Q7 2023


SubQuery launches its
own parthian
SubQuery Foundation
How does it work

Just fill out our questionnaire and we will see if we can help you. And after
that you can creat your account. incase you created your account already,
no problem: just fill the form in the account section and we will still contact you

Fill out our questionnaire

By clicking on "FILE A COMPLAIN" you can easily access our questionnaire, which we use to collect the first important information.

We check your request

Based on your information, we will check whether we can help you. We promise that we will get back to you with our assessment within 24 hours.

We send you the contract

If we can help you, we will send you our contract for your legal protection. You then send us the other information we need for our work.

We get to work

Once we have all the required information, we will start immediately and can restore your wallet within 48-72h, in the best case.

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